Anna Akana-love this chick!

So I found this geek a couple of years ago but only really started watching her last year. I love her humor, and her take on relationships. She has a great video that talks about male versus female and how if the roles were reversed we would most likely just be dicks like them because we need to have real discussions.

The video up above though is one I deal with very often. I now am in the habit of saying ‘sure, lets hang out’ to someone because I know they have no solid intentions. I’m supposed to go out with some friends this weekend and I’m not looking forward to it because of lack of funds, not having any plans on what we will actually do and because we haven’t played in a while what are we even going to talk about?

We have been trying to hang for months.

We said that we should plan to hang…in September. That’s how long it took to get a date we could all agree on. They are the few friends that when I say let’s hang will pull out their phones and find a date even if it is 3 months away. Still this is a struggle for me. I would much rather have a group of friends that can hang on a moments notice, or at least that is what I believe about myself. When I am in full introverting mode, this IS NOT GOOD. I don’t want to hang with anyone and my roomies pretty much ignore me anyway most of the time, so it’s like being alone. However, for friends who want to hang at a moment’s notice the change is very odd.

Ugh, relating is so strange because we all are so different and have different schedules.

I almost miss the days where I could hang for hours at school and then go home and I felt like I knew a good amount about the people and their lives. Now, I know just about nothing because the important work at work is old news by the time I see them, so they don’t talk about it. SOOO ANNOYING!!!