Don’t be a jerk about food.

This week I went out to eat with some friends, one was Asian and two were not and then there’s me and mi madre who aren’t Asian but have been ‘familied’ by my Asian sister. We were so happy to have food and then what happened in the video happened.

We had to go next door to get them food, but one was so upset that she couldn’t eat she had a tantrum. (Under 18, totally makes since.) Suddenly I turned into a different person. I began to call her out on her lies that were low-key, but I could see. I don’t like people disrespecting food. This made the other person go haywire because they were legit eating concerns (allergies).

It made the food altogether inedible.

So when the two left to cool down, so did I. I just went for a walk and didn’t come back. When we meet again everyone has made up and is laughing and I am so pissed off that I just sit in my chair faking sleep. I honestly had a headache at this point and did need sleep, just couldn’t. They tried to fix the situation by asking how I was feeling and trying to distract me, but they never just simply apologized for being jerks at a good meal.

I don’t need fixing, I needed an apology.

They were rude, it wasn’t okay. They apologize, I let it go, and it becomes okay.

Very simple.

That’s all I wanted.

If you have meal issues, then bring them up so we can plan accordingly. Knowing that a place is Chinese means that there will be limits. Knowing a place is vegan, Indian, steakhouse, really anything that you don’t normally eat shows that there will be things that you should already know and tell the person ahead of time that it won’t be something that you are comfortable with.


But to make everyone uncomfortable just because you have baggage and then act like it’s normal is not anyone I want to play with. I will take my ball and go home.

It is that simple.