British comedy

One of the things mi madre just doesn’t get about me is that I like British humor. I just get it in a way that I don’t always get American humor. Like ‘The Simpsons’ or ‘Family’ are just the worst to me. I get that not all British humor is clean either but the guy I found recently is just stellar.

and the thing is I begin to watch them back to back which makes them funnier as I go along. In the same way that a thing in motion stays in motion, you know?

What is even funnier is that by the time I walk out of my room I have a full out British accent. I pick them up super fast and mi madre HATES it cuz she doesn’t understand a thing, but mi padre loves it. He’s actually mad that I haven’t upped my ante and begun to really have like a dozen that I use on any occasion. As well he thinks I could use it to learn languages, which is REALLY not the same thing.

So one side is this guy saying go for it and on the other this woman saying shut it down and all I can think is…

I’ve got to figure a way to move out, these people are driving me up a bloomin’ tree.