March 15

I’m in the family business. As in wherever mi madre makes a business I am helping. Which has opened me up to a lot of different things.

I can be a hostess, a waiter, chef, baker, accountant, manager, organizer and a few odds and ends here and there.

Do you know what it doesn’t open me up to?


IF I get paid, it is well below what I would actually receive if I were to work with a catering company or restaurant. It is so little that the government doesn’t even recognize it as taxable, which is like saving a foreign nation from collapse or saving a person’s life, you get a thank you and it is never talked about again.

There is this concept in the bible of giving in secret and not boasting about things, but seriously when I do something epic, like save a life or a country? I’m not Superman! I’m not in this because I have ‘responsibilities’ with my powers. I’m a woman who showed up somewhere and randomly or even distinctly just saved someone’s life and or country. We pay doctors, policeman and so on and yet Superman doesn’t get paid and as such, neither should Christians!!


That is in fact what I am doing. When I got out of high school I told mi madrre I was done working for her but then I got out of college and found that I was still helping her. I felt so guilty over things that I probably had no business having any guild but I just fell into this hole of ‘gotta help, gotta help, gotta help’. Like I was Captain America.

So I am setting a date like I did for my hair and my last job. On March 15th. I am done. There will be no more “Can you put this in the car” or ” Can you come in at 4 in the (flipping) mornin'”. The answer is no. She needs help and relying on me doesn’t show fiscally what she is actually doing with her business. Sure, she may need the extra money but she is putting way too much in to be getting a good enough profit in my eyes.

Haven’t told her yet.

The date is actually a date of a middle school crush’s birthday that is stuck in my head for some reason. I have no clue….oh wait, I put a bunch of reminders in place because I knew how easy it was for me to forget… How could I pigeonhole myself like that?? I didn’t even date him, nor wanted to. That’s both very intelligent and a malfunction in my cerebral. Hahaha. Ahh. Love my brain.