“How are you?”

That’s like the worst question right?

Which part of me? Mentally physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally, sexually…there are so many parts of me and the whole is:


I am dying on the inside have a headache, didn’t sleep well, horny and without a partner, friends aren’t talking or don’t give a-but since I am still standing here I must be

We all say it. We have a hundred things going but we are “fine”. Good stuff too but things most don’t care about like a tv show having a new season or getting the groove (finally) at work or just being happy to be alive and with people you like but instead we are all 


I think a part of all of us is waiting for a person who is spectacular to be in front of us who we sincerely like, personabe and simply entertaining in the way we think of. The one we can have the full spectrum of emotions with, and enjoy life with. 

Answering with more than fine isn’t the answer. We don’t necessarily want to hear more. We want to here the right more just as we want to hear the right question. 

Don’t ask me how I am, ask me specifics. Ask me just the right question so I can give you the right amount like a speech faucet. Just the right temperature so I don’t scald your hands and just the right amount so there is no waste but enough to fully wash your hands.

I get it. 

But it is difficult. In some ways I want my friends and family to ask me how I am really doing and add a bit of pressure. 

Right now I am going through a lot emotionally and can only lean on God so I don’t mean now.

….but I wasn’t always here. Are we siblings in Christ or just…

Really distant cousins you see only at reunions? 

Are we the body of Christ, all bound in blood and life or…just humans on this ‘swiftly tilting planet’?