The Dressmaker…OMG

The Dressmaker PosterI did not know what I was getting into when I watched this movie. I saw the trailer and thought, “Wow, those dresses look nice, I want to watch this.”

I got it from my library and it all just went downhill. The R-rating REALLY should have prepared me.

This movie is so twisty. Mi Padre and I, sat there dumbstruck most of the movie. This is DEF not for kids and a few adults too. I might have walked out if I was in theaters, there is a lot of sex and a part that I would classify as rape. (If someone is sleep, it doesn’t matter if you are married, no consent=rape.)

I LOVED HUGO WEAVING! That man is so awesome in and at what he does.

The story is really a revenge plot to destroy a town. HOWEVER, this is really the story about how a whole town of people are SUPER messed up behind closed doors and there is one young lady that they blame/mess up because of it. She REALLY is the innocent here, but she comes into town just trying to figure out why she was sent away as a kid. The last…15 minutes, I would say, are some of the craziest things I have seen in awhile. The town just loses it’s mind. It is probably one of the greater bits of cinema, to me.

There is this scene where they have this rugby match (set in Oz) and she has a red dress on at first and she changes to a black one because she is making all these players ‘lose focus’. (I’d say it’s just a dress but that thing was slamming!) The black is even better and she pulls a Gypsy Rose Lee , that is exceptional and perfect.

There is a fair bit of violence in this so be prepared to just be totally okay if someone dies. There were several people that I hoped would just combust because of how horrible they were.

This movie really stirred up some feelings in me about people that I used to keep company with and now I am looking at myself and the ways I have let them run my life and how to make that stop. I won’t be using revenge, not really my style, but I do want to do something active, like burn objects they have given me or something. I’ve written a ton of ‘don’t send letters’ but it isn’t enough. I want the feelings themselves to dissipate.