Gods of Egypt 

I thoroughly enjoy the myths of old. Egypt, Greece, they are all fun for me. So, watching this movie was a bit hard as it was nothing like the actual stories of old. A bit like watching the latest movie called “Noah” or the “ten commandments” or worse yet “Reign”. Butchering history or even just plain stories, I dislike it very much. I was going to say a derogatory joke here but changed my mind. 

Once I got past the narration I enjoyed the movie. I liked the stor in the same vein as the first “Scorpion King” and “Riddick”: fighting mixed in with a basic plot I can follow. Not everything has to be “doctor who” complicated. Sometimes I just like a good fight. Which makes me think I should like football or boxing more…but there’s no plot so I guess that’s why. WWF, though? That had a good enough plot to keep me entertained. 

Mi padre watched a bit but wasnt all that interested since he was in the middle of work and a video game. 

I really liked wisdom, played by Chadwicks Boseman. He was the Black Panther in the Avenger’s last movie. Man, am I crushing on his arms. His scene between love the two main characters was the funniest. “How vain do you think I am?” Ah, priceless.

It looks like the left it open for a sequel, but without a different villain to stir the pot..not sure how it will go. Also, what happened to Gerard Butler’s character in the end? That was a great choice.