So today I started plying my first video game after a few years of not playing: Doom. 

I have it on the easiest setting “please don’t hurt me” because I just want to try it again. I’m not the cannonball type, let me get my feet wet before I start swimming. Really I juse got hyped after seeing the Mass Effect Andromeda first playthrough and want to be a bit more prepared before it comes out so I can enjoy it and not be struggling with the controls. (PC by the way. No hating)

What I am noticing tho, same for Borderlands 2 when I tried that, I kin feel nauseous, but I just had coffee too so I’m hoping it is that and not that I can’t play video games any more. I know people have said that the new hens are harder to get through for people who are used o older, slower games but I was hoping I wasn’t one of those folks. Overall I am enjoying it but I will be waiting to play for when mi pare isn’t home looking over my shoulder. 🙂

Up for a little laugh and some cursing? Check out one of my fave youtube skits between a gamer and his non-gamer roomie. Watch to the end, it’s hilarious.