‘Wrecking’ a journal

Right now I’m looking for a new way to express myself. I still wish to write and this blogging helps me a lot…but my old way of writing is just not what I want right now. Releasing all of my feelings, thoughts, ideas or angst with the world used to be fine but not what I want anymore.

I looked at people talking about stecthbooks and what to do with old journals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQLxhh9yPlA

But none of these are what I am looking for.

And I saw this:

As I looked at this wonderful artist enjoying her book and thinking outside of the box to do it, I found a …gap?

I am very careful with my things…when it comes to journaling at least! 🙂 (Clothing I’m super hard on.) But one thing I loved in college was when I had an art class that invited me to fill a journal that was just everything. It wasn’t just sketch or word, it was everything I wanted to put in there. She gave us a few things to get us started but the point was to fill it up and let us explore our world’s from our viewpoint. Just ours though, not everyone else’s. It has been sometime since I did this and I think I need to do it again. I failed the first time because I thought we only were supposed to do so many and I was way under the mark on that one.

The point this time though would be not to just wreck a journal, I can always destroy something, not the point and the point isn’t just to fill it either. The point would be to fill it with things that I specifically and explicitly like, enjoy, love, etc. Putting pictures of my favorite mangas, foods I want to try, outfit ideas or likes and then down the layers from the more superficial like this to the fullest depths. Not just my work alone but other people’s since I love people, maybe even putting pictures that I took, no limit except that it has to be me…my loves, not just what I put up with.

I once put on my wall this sign: Love it or leave it. I think it is time to put this into play.

ALSO not doing this in order to have a running to do list but just enjoying the things I enjoy.

HA! Took all afternoon but I’m glad I sat here till I figured out what I wanted to do.