Manor of Secrets

Manor of Secrets

I was able to get one more book in before the year end! I was very pleased with this book; it reminded me a lot of Eva Ibbotson’s style. I wanted to read less this past year because of how much I was just scarfing down. I was pleased that I was under the limit though I did read a lot of manga so I’m not really sure if I can say that I read less or not…

Manor of Secrets, written by Katherine Longshore is about the ‘maid’ below stairs and the ‘lady’ above them. (Those aren’t their proper titles however, just go with it.) The lady is merely a tool to her mother who is trying to foist her onto the wealthiest guy she can find and the maid is trying to be a realist but has so many adventure inside of her she can barely contain herself as a simple maid.

The lady wants to be an adventurist, writer, married for loves sake and free to do as she likes. (Sound familiar?) The maid wants to be a chef, specifically a baker and simply enjoy the life of the home that she loves.

Both find it very hard to stay in the box that they were placed in because of their birth status. One because she keeps breaking out accidentally and the other because she wants to. The dichotomy of the two is interesting. I have a friend who is very similar to me and yet we are a lot the opposite. Trying to be one thing and failing and trying to not be that same thing and failing.

If I tried o read this at any other time, I’m not sure if I would like it but I really enjoyed it. No sex, violence or really any language…unless your British and then there may be a bit. (Funny how Americans don’t think their slang is really bad.) It can be a very quick read and though it has romance…it doesn’t focus on it.

I really like the ending.

I will say that by the end I didn’t like the aunt and I liked her mother more. her mother was just…a bit broken I think. The aunt was broken too…but breaking other people and then running away is not okay.

I will say I wish they had pumped up the year a bit more. I was so confused at the end when a man pulls up in a car and is talking about airplanes. I thought this was further back than the late 1800’s.

My next story is Summerset Abbey, already have it in the house, hope it is good too and not too much like Gossip Girl. I’ve tried books like that and get annoyed. They make people as a lot worse than they should be considered. Sure I get people can be like that but I would like my stories to be a little less like reality. I get enough of that outside of my head!