Happy New Adventure!

First day of the new year and everyone is ready to start new goals and dredge up old wishes. Whatever.

I’m here inviting myself to a happy new adventure.

My personal year actually starts at my birthday. I’ve just noticed that so many things change around that time that I’m accustomed to celebrating not just my birthday but a brand new year.

Image result for quest journey definitionMy time is more than going from quest to quest. It is about the ALL THE THINGS!

The days it rains, the days it’s sunny, beach days, small moments, firework moments, lasting moments, heartbreaking moments that can turn into grief and last years.

My life is so important to me now, it was before but only because God and everyone else told me it had to be. Now, my life is important to me because I say so. For all of the personal, private and public reasons that exist.

This is my new year and I plan to make an adventure out of it. I have had waayyyy too many years lost to me, I plan to make 2017 mine and not let go of it till the first kiss of the 2018 new year.

Happy New Years, go enjoy it.