“Bdee bdee bdee that’s all folks!”

This is a churro ice cream sandwich. However, this is also the most ridiculous awesome thing to eat.

I’m not a sweets fan. I like salty. For my dessert fan(atic)s this is unconscionable. But I have a few sweets I do like.

I went to downtown Disney with some friends and ate this right here. They give you and cup of ice cream and two warm churro to put around it. Forewarning, get a knife and fork. Honestly having a steak knife would be preferable. We could have eaten this between the three of us but only two shared. It was epic. Cold and warm and brilliant.

Could we have eaten it just ice cream on a spoon and a bite of churro at a time, sure! 

However, if I have a chance to eat food in a different way like with chopsticks or my fingers or 15 forks, knives and spoons, I’m honestly going to take it because I’m a foodie. And “adventure is out there”!

Happy end of the year. Thank you GOD it’s almost over!