Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3

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This is by far my favorite game. One of the few I have ever played as well…and gotten full through. There are several I have tried to get through and I either get bored or freaked out. Hate it when they just breathe nearby, but you can’t see them!

I always try to get the girl to look just like me, except for the hair, always go for purple and pink. ūüôā I played tech for a long time but later, when I just needed to blow off steam, I played mi padres saved dude (….he deleted my saved files. All of them. I’m still working on forgiveness of that one.) and this guy was a solider and I learned the rush technique and I was IMPRESSED. I want to play again as different types.

Moving on this game, if you don’t know is about one character who is sent to investigate about some mysterious aliens. I hate to have spoilers but the game has been out for some time now. The aliens are not only vastly dangerous, like meteor meet dinos dangerous, they are also infiltrators so there are times when friends and allies turn on you and kind of wake up to reality 10 seconds before hey die. It is quite horrific. The ending of the trilogy was….to say the least, a bit like the latest election. All kinds of feelings and not at all happy about any of the results. At the end you are left with three choices (four if you are bulked up in¬†points) and I know up to the last second what I was going to choose…and then changed my mind. Ugh, but I felt better about my choice.

There are a TON of different characters you meet but my top faves: Tali, Legion, JAVIK(!!!), Jack, Kasumi and Thane. Mordin and Liara are next in line. If you don’t want to play the game at least look up cut scenes about Javik, this guy has been asleep for thousands of years and his whole civilization was…um…different. I can’t exactly say racist but he gets into some nasty arguments with…just about everybody! And, boy, are they funny. Also look up Mordin singing! Oh and my ship for the whole game is EDI and Joker. Love them so much, totally pushed them to get together.

Since I played a girl I did save Kaiden and have a relationship (I did not realize I was doing this till, boom, they were in bed. *blushes*). When I play this game again, I will save Ashley. Kaiden was cool in the first game and got mean in the second and whiney in the third. There was NOTHING good about him by that last one and I cut him off as soon as I could.

Many people die in the third if you are not leveled up so please do that to save your sanity. I’m told Tali can die and it is SUPER nasty. I in no way lost anyone I could save. One person who did die, and couldn’t be saved…I cried in real life. Actually one messed me up so bad I had to leave the computer for awhile.

The next in the series is coming¬†out next year (supposedly!! >_>) So I wanted to review his before then.¬†I want to play it when I get my own rig so I don’t have to worry about someone deleting anything ever again. (>_>) This game will be the same universe but I don’t see how they can when there were 3 different choices and this is in the future(??) Keep your saves they say! Again >_>

This game does have sex,¬†drugs, drinking and violence, warning I guess.¬†Also, even though the graphics are better I did like the second better…this may also be because I played it¬†twice (please, don’t ask, this padre over here is all kinds of trouble)¬†however I just like not having to deal with all the downs in the last one. Hahaha, still a great game!