Rain, rain…please stay

Man this rain came out of nowhere!

Negative: Short on electricity made computer die, but that got fixed.


Rain is life to me.

Inside with tea, a few good books and a warm blanket.
Outside dancing around like we’re in a Bollywood.
Running to class/work trying to keep work from getting wet.
Playing hide and seek inside like kids because you can’t go out.
Listening to the rain play on the roof as you drift to sleep.
Hoping, waiting and praying for a rainbow.
Hearing the rain start and then get ferocious.

I have so many ways that I enjoy it.

My haraboji used to say “Rain, rain go away. Come again another day.” However, that was because his work was more of the blue collar kind. He needed the money and rain would stop him from getting particular jobs or they would stop him from getting to them.

I respect that.

I just love rain to much to agree to it.

In case you are where rain isn’t: