“E? Heibon Desu yo??”

(Writer: Tsukiyuki Hana; Artist:Fujiwara Ruki)

I don’t apologize for the manga that I read. If it is eechi, violent, magical, whatever it is I find that what I’m reading has a purpose in the moment that I’m reading it. With this said:

This story is about a young lady who dies and is reincarnated into a world of magic. Normal Japanese high school girl born as an aristocrat with magic. Stories, right? The odds are so slim of this happening just on the sheer concept of being born a rich aristocrat that I just had to go with them on this one.

She remembers a lot from her life in the same way that any normal person remembers most of their life. She just has the weirdness of having a body that doesn’t really work for her for a few years. I would NOT want to go through being a cognitive baby, breast milk alone seems not worth it. She uses her memories to make her rural world just a little better by adding things like new ways of cooking, farming and even COFFEE. Even learns how to do magic and help a doctor with new forms of practice.

The ability to manipulate elements or move things like a jedi…seems practical. I wonder how these people don’t drown or set themselves on fire when they have a nightmare or dream in the same way that you can a start to pee when you dream it, but that may just be me.

(The drawing style is VERY shoujo by the way!)

This is a quick read so I do recommend it. I would say what I learned/gained from it but really I just wanted to share a good story that is light but does provide insight…but this is just me. I can glean from just about anything and find God in there.