Tasty Noodle House

My sister from another mother is Chinese and she thinks it’s her mission to change myself and mi madre into Chinese women. Which, I ain’t complainin’ about!

Food and language are the things she gets on most. If I say anything, just because she said it mind you, than she will make me repeat until it sounds correct. I’m not trying to learn Chinese! I’m not even sure most of the time if it is Cantonese or Mandarin…until she tells me for the 500th time.

The food is the best part. She’s a foodie like me and so the concept of my saying that I love Panda Express is just not okay with her.

She took us to Tasty Noodle House in Cerritos.

Good LORD, this food is good! Shanghai Grilled Pork Bun is actually from her hometown, which I wasn’t a fan of honestly. It tasted too much like Parker House Rolls but with meat and sesame and it was like having two things in the same tiny box, they didn’t fit. HOWEVER! the rest was delicious.

They give you a drink for free so Thai tea, lemon tea or my favorite the milk tea. There is more you can buy but these are the three they offer and I have tried. I usually get this potato and green bean dish with house sauce that is sweet and savory and delicious.

She also has us eating the Chinese way and getting a few plates and sharing together. If you don’t know this type of eating, it’s just so much better. I enjoy my food to be …mine, but having like 5 things to try and just grabbing with the spoon provided or even just with your chopsticks…

Honestly, there is this level of family that comes from it. Jokes begin to flow, the noodles are impossible making everything funny and because you are sharing tasty food instead of looking longingly at the menu of things you can’t try a level of freedom and joy is added to the taste. Chinese ancestors knew what they were doing about bringing a family together with food.

My sister was in the middle of finals when we went this time, but I’m hoping that before her next semester we can eat together at a leisurely pace.