2 friends of mine are getting married today; he is a chef and she loves Pinterest so I am MUCHO excited for the display.

He has been humming along like he is Iron Man, doing a thousand things and looking quite flawless doing it and she is doing tons of things but hasn’t said what anything is and so she looks like she’s doing nothing!!! Her face is all pristine like she’s been doing nothing for weeks, but then people tell me about all her ideas and for a person who has NO STRESS on her she is doing as much as her groom! How can they both be so awesome and look so chill?

Sigh…I love weddings, and love and romance and watching two people be awesome together.

The dancing, hanging out and food is simply part of the party. The two people are seriously the important part to me.

…tho to say that I’m not excited about the dancing and seeing all the fun things she adds to the wedding from Pinterest would bespeaking out of turn. 🙂

I am really hoping to get to have a slow dance with some cute guy. Not pushing it, but I always hope for that to happen. mmmm….if the party goes well and I end up with a dance or two then I will write more later.

Though I do have a married friend who will be there who is a great dancer of all kinds. I danced with him at another friends wedding in the style of swing and so I am hoping to get another dance with him.

OH! That reminds me that if he will be there then his wife will be there!! Hopefully the two of us will be able to sit and talk for a long while instead of those quick church social visits. She’s my Barnes and Noble buddy. 🙂 We rarely get to talk and she’s one of the few people I enjoy talking deep with and we can bypass all the boring fairly quickly.

I just hope the dj is on his game….