“What’s luv?”

No the real question is why did I listen to this song?

Fat Joe, Ashanti sing this song about a one girl who has a fairly romantic outlook on life and the relationship she is in but the guy is all about sex and really just having a main person to have sex in between picking up other women. This comes from the movie Juwanna Mann: a man pretends to be a woman and is on a female basketball team.

Does that sound like Tootsie? Hm, maybe it’s just me.

I played this song on repeat when I could and when I was with older friends it was the number one song.

Now I wonder how stupid a person can be. In the video you see the main woman go from one philandering man to a man who was 2 minutes before walking with a woman under each arm. The philandering man is also so stupid to keep any evidence of his junk in the same house as a woman. We are natural detectives when it comes to relationships. Not just romantic. I have seen a woman get down to the nitty gritty with her friends in a matter of minutes. I do the same thing. ;P

Men often are said to want harems but keep one woman in particular that is like the ‘first wife’ of a harem, all the privileges of wife status.

Women are often said to wanting committed monogamous relationships but can overlook certain ‘male normalcies’.

Both want to call it love.

The question is thrown around ‘well, what is love anyway?? We all have different names to it anyway!”

Is that really true?

A mother looking at her newborn child for the first time can have such an overpowering look of love. A man seeing his bride walk down the aisle as well as the dad who plants a kiss on her forehead at the end of the aisle can have such a force of love.

Being able to say that I don’t have a real love nor do I know if I am capable of it or if I will ever find another person who will love with me; it’s easier to ask, what’s luv?