Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

Sooooo Can I say that I love Marvel (not gonna talk about DC unless it is related to Suicide Squad…or Supergirl) and Groot is just…I love this, now, little guy. Here’s the trailer if you haven’t seen it:

I really thought it was cool to see a character LITERALLY say 3 words over and over and yet put so much information into these words. To see it again in such a smaller form…just makes my day. The beginning is what gets me. Don’t touch the button and like a kid this is his first thought to do.

I know there is more to this movie and truly I do enjoy the actors(love the green), I like the music (Sorry, not a fan of the 80’s, but this movie does rock it) and I also enjoy the stupid plot that is majorly involved with the Marvel universe but is somehow not attached at all to said universe. Stuff goes down in a big way and Thor doesn’t even try to show up? How is he in charge of a major part of the galaxy if he doesn’t help out when a major city/planet has a big problem? What’s up with that?

I will most likely see this in theaters but the person I usually see Marvel movies with thought the first one was a little to funny/goofy. Which was the point but they’re a bit too serious and want their movies to be that way. They don’t get my jokes either, which is sad cuz, when I’m not being corny, they are funny!

Not the point.

May is a long time away so hopefully I get at least one more geek friend who lives close that I can see this with. You know, one who doesn’t talk much in the movies and you know, actually likes watching movies and doesn’t just sit and critique like they are Honest Trailers.

Which reminds me: (PS: may contain cursing)