Alter Egos

I really enjoy changing my look. I want to be a pirate and a villain but have no idea what the villain looks like. I’m a little too good you know? I also don’t have the pride required to make it work. Fierceness sure. Beastness, of course. However, I’m not like Loki who wanted to get over on his family.

Yet, I am the girl who used to steal from friends for fun and mischievousness. I’d give it back after a day of watching them look for the item. I’m more like the leverage team, doing bad things to cause good and this is the alter ego I want to produce at least on paper in my stories.

I may never get to be the woman who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. (Honestly, I would just give it right back.) I may not be the woman who lives on the sea looking for treasure…but I want to show this side of me and if that is through costume or paper…I want that.

This is Michelle Phan. She does make-up and owns her own line. Good example of what I like: