I need to eat more apples

Funny, as a geek this is the worst thing to say, eat more apples to keep the doc away but as a person whose immune system needs a boost, I think it may be just what I need.

I finally went to an Urgent care center this week for this ringing in my ear. It seemed like I needed to go into see the doctor rather than getting a prescription over the phone. Lesson learned.

Found out I have an infection and some other stuff going on. Really the doc just told me that I needed to take medicine for longer than I had. By the second morning my body felt so much better it slept overtime.

I had two friend ask me to go out. One might have ended up in Disneyland and the other was going to Koreatown. It was like the best thing anyone could offer.

….and God told me to rest at home.

How am I going to get better or even enjoy myself with all this stuff going on inside of me?

Knowing that God is right versus wanting to agree with him are two different things.

I have something else that I want to do before the year is out and God told me the same thing. Inside there are things going on that need to heal and I need to let them by resting before I can enjoy cool stuff. Koreatown will be there when I am healed, so will Disneyland since I have a year pass and…so will be the thing that I want. Having it now versus a few months from now…is what I need.

Now that I’m learning to let good things into my life, lingering with them as well as have people who are there for me …I have to stop my habit of feeling like I will miss something. Can’t sleep because I might miss a good thing. Have to go to church because I might miss a person or the Spirit of God.

The feeling that I must invest in relationships because if not they will disappear. It gets heavy living like this.

So I will be changing up mu life a bit.

  1. Focusing on getting stuff out of my life that is just hanging around.
  2. Adding things to my life that are sorely late but important to have.
  3. Getting healthy, mentally, emotionally and physically.
  4. And all around, making my needs the priority.

Lord, help me. Me before thee will be my mantra! AHHHHH THIS GOES AGAINST ALL MY TRAINING!!!!! ;P