Warcraft; movie

Yesterday, I was able to watch Warcraft. Got it from the library after I saw the guy jump off a building from several stories up onto a griffin?

Mi padre is pretending he isn’t watching and by the end of the movie has his feet up on the couch, just chilling. Part of the movie he was so fully engaged I thought he would fall off his seat.

On the whole this was a great beginning for a franchise. I liked Garona and Khadgar the best but Durotan and Draka…I really shipped that stupid couple. In the beginning they were just so silly together. However what fierce pride and life they had.

Neither I or mi padre had ever played the game so it was hard knowing who to root for. I really wasn’t sure if rooting for orcs was a good thing since in most stories they are the ones that eat people. By the end, it just seemed like Lord of the Rings with a bunch of different types of people who simply needed to learn how to get along.

I felt sorry for a lot of people. I was glad I didn’t get super attached to people. The movie itself was engaging to me. Was it Lord of the Rings? No, it was only 2 hours and change. Still it was a worth a good Friday chill. I was on the edge of my seat for a good portion and I was intrigued by how major characters could just die. As well as they really did keep it PG-13. I was expecting sex, really bad violence and language…I guess Deadpool is just stuck in my head as the standard now. Violence was there of course, but I guess I’ve just seen a whole lot worse.

If you want a thrill, look up the cast! Lothar does NOT look like his character and the orcs, man! The orcs are just epically human.

If they make a second I will be seeing it as I enjoyed this movie. I liked the Moses like reference as well. Also I want Garona to get a new name. Being called cursed is just not okay. I also would like to know if secretly her father is Medivh. Really rooting for that chic and any time someone wants to kill off Gul’Dan, I’m on your side.