My friend showed me this and I was enthralled. I found I already had rituals. Even with the friend who showed me in the first place. Then I began to itch. I have so many times invited people into rituals, even simply eating once a week together. Yet, for many reasons, it is not considered important on their list. I find eating with my family vital. Weekly meeting with my church and sharing a meal: vital.

Give me a couple weeks without these things and I’m climbing the walls.

Give me a couple of days without God and I’m back in old habits. It isn’t important until something important happens. Storms, terrorist attack, death, illness, relationship stuff…when these things happen I need to have my base already formed. How easy it is to fall a part when it isn’t here.

I’m not positive how I want to accomplish this but I am looking at a few women who could be support to me and we establish a base for one another. Peers, you know? I have people who I can depend on but they think of me as little sister type not peer so I’m looking for specifics.

I’m tired of being dragged down by every current that passes me. I want more.