My treasure: The Shack

So today is the first day that I liked the one-word post idea and hadn’t written anything for the day and or it wasn’t too late. 😛 Treasure is the word and this week my treasure is:

The Shack is a book that is about a guy who’s daughter is taken, and his downward spiral. However, this story doesn’t stop with that and his inevitable turning to crime or path to redemption. This guy gets a letter in the mail and [possible spoilers?]….it’s God. All three parts of him invite him up to a cabin to hash things out.

This book was my own personal treasure when I first read it. It was awe-inspiring and flutter-making. I saw God in a way that I had always wanted to. The Jesus who wears jeans and loves to work on his carpentry. God the father who looks how we need him to in order to better love us and when we are ready shows his true self; who cooks and listens to random music. The Holy Spirit who doesn’t look anything like what any of us thinks but loves gardens and us and is penetrating.

The kidnapping parts were really hard to read. Not because of violence, but because how damaging it is to  this guy to lose his daughter. The sheer weight of his pain is a lot to handle.

When I saw the trailer I didn’t even know what I was looking at and then I got so excited I turned it off! Hahaha. When I finally looked again I was thrilled to see A-list actors as well as actors I have never heard of but who look perfect for the role. All the parts of God are really perfect to me…in both ways of this idea. 😉 The actors are just right and I wait patiently to see this. Okay, slightly patiently. I may read the book over again 2 times before then. 🙂

This book gave me further freedom to see God how he is and in different ways then I had been taught. God and the ability to see everything differently from the way I have been taught are my treasures.