Learning strategy thru sci-fi

Image result for enders game bookAll time favorite story is the Ender and Shadow series.

Ender's Shadow (Ender's Shadow, #1)I have read this series so many times between middle school and college that I should have it memorized but every time I read either it is a brand new experience for me. I fall in love with them over and over and influenced mi padre as well. He has read more than I have because I stopped early for Ender’s game and Shadow’s in Flight  was my last for Bean.

These stories taught me real time strategy.

Maybe for some of you life is just cool and chill but for me and many I deal with it is more like war. There are constant battle small and large that can be fun, daunting, exhausting, painful, provide growth and a host of other things. Elementary alone was hard since I just couldn’t figure out how to make friends the right way. You say the wrong thing and no girl wants to be friends with you and you have no idea what you even said. I finally got a handle on being friends (on the surface) and my grades plummeted. I went from A student to F so fast my parents were called in. I needed the help that these two series provided for me. I learned how to manage life, stay true to myself and not lose my head. I learned on my own the lesson Ender learned about exhaustion and I wish I had learned that on through him.

Bean is and will always be my favorite.

He took the backseat when he should have had the helm. He saw the world and didn’t fall into the traps laid for him. He lived a full life that I feel Ender didn’t get until much later in his life.

Yet, and still, I found in Ender, the pressure that life had pressed on me about living a life I was made for and pushed to the breaking by others who may have had their lives on the line, but broke a young man in the process. Having to rebuild yourself, forge a new path and do so much to fix all that you broke.

Jane is a favorite character though, I won’t go into detail as she is much later and more recent, seems like spoilers to talk about her.

The ONE thing that confused the heck out of me was Peter, Ender’s older brother. He and Achilles were the two characters that I most did not expect. Achilles is straight out annoying and honestly just insane. Peter however I felt was also clinical but somehow …wasn’t? I don’t want to leave spoilers but did he just need to not have Ender in his life to make him normal?

There are so many other spin-offs to this story that I just wasn’t prepared to sit and read them all. However, mi padre says they are all individual and quite worth it. To each his own I guess.