Christians only talk

What do you call God?

I’m so curious about this and I really want to ask just about everyone. God is called everything from Healer to Lord to Father and so very many other things. To some he is the lover they wished they always had or the priest they need to guide them. It’s so boring to just call him God. It may be his name, but that’s in English. They don’t call him God in Hebrew. Some don’t call him at all because his name is to holy.

Jesus in Chinese sounds like Yesu but in Croation is Isus. There is the Holy Spirit who can be called the Holy Ghost but Jesus called him the Comforter. Ezer Kenegdo is the Hebrew words used to talk abut the Holy Spirit and is also used to describe women in Genesis 2:18. Sometimes I am called by what my name means and not the actual name so it makes since that maybe I would call God helper or counselor or even all-mightiest-atom-maker.

When I really like someone they get a nickname, I didn’t know I did this until recently. Sometimes, it is just in my phone that it happens, or to their face or when I’m talking about them to the others. Like ‘Most interesting man in the world’, got a guy like that and sure his name is fine, but when I say this people get it because that I who he is.

I like God and I like doing things with him so he gets a nickname just like my other friends so. Sure he gets a new one every 3 months, but that’s because he is always doing something different in my life. Sometimes he is Ba- the father who helps me, sometimes he’s HS-my dude at all times and we do things accordingly. When he is Ba we watch movies together, when he’s HS we take walks and talk. I wonder if other people are treating him like they will dirty him or like he’s boring and can’t have fun with him because he’s oh too holy. Holy doesn’t mean you can’t go to a wedding, drink wine and dance till the sun comes up. It means more than that. And treating holiness and God like they can’t be personally yours is not gonna make anyone want to be a Christian any time soon.