5 minute challenge

Being and staying in the moment can be difficult for me. I want to do everything all at one time and at the end of the day I don’t know what I ‘ve done and I’m all dizzy and it’s a lot to go to sleep. I have taken the practice of taking 5 minutes of my day to just think about whatever I want to think about.

I started out with thinking about something specific and I found myself bored. I tried to do it without a timer and that got frustrating fast. With a timer I found the time slipped quickly past.

One thing I have learned about myself is that as much as I want to focus on one thing all of the time I am not that person. I know there are people who can focus only on one thing and are happy about this for days, years even. They want to know all the in’s and out’s and I just don’t. I’m cool not ever knowing trivia about things that are totally my favorite.

This is a bit like brushing your teeth, you need to do it daily and most likely more than that, but to start, I do it once a day. Headspace is a good way to learn how to do this, but I  just like taking 5 minutes of my day to just let my mind wander to the things I care about. Not just let it wander. The concept is like going to your favorite place and just aimlessly walking or sitting and just enjoying the space. For me that’s Disneyland…or the beach or a park or 2 libraries that are kind of far but still good.

Which reminds me the new season of The Librarians is finally on TNT, I need a friend with cable! One of the guys is the same from Leverage and I just don’t get how he looks younger in this show than he did from the one over 3 years ago! ….maybe it’s the hair.