Uglies review

I missed a day!!!! This so is urk-worthy! In honor however of this concept of urk-worthiness, I will be talking about where this word came from for me.

Uglies is a four part series about a world, created by Scott Westerfeld,Uglies (Uglies, #1) that when you come of the right age, instead of having to deal with all the things we hate about ourselves at the ages of 16 , you change it. Facelift it. All the things you wished you could change from your large ears, second lids for my Asian friends, different hair for my black friends, gaps in teeth, whatever it is-it’s gone.

But this is sci-fi, and we can’t just have a cool world where all that makes us unique is taken from us and commercialized. The main character finds out there’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that’s totally nefarious or messed up. She’s pretty much blackmailed into getting her friend back who didn’t want any part of it.

I read this in middle/high school and it had an impact. I never considered myself beautiful even though other people did and this made me take a look at people as well as beauty again. The last in the series includes the main characters but is really someone else story from a different city. Tally goes through a lot and this story is a nice blend of dystopian and utopian, and a bit like divergent in theme.

Today I woke up and felt that I was actually beautiful when I looked in the mirror, even with all my so-called-by-others flaws and my hair not washed so it looks just…strange. Didn’t matter, I liked the person I saw in the mirror. So I wanted to celebrate this fact by looking back at a story that was important at a key moment.

In the story, at some point (trends changed a lot), they had this way of taking what you were feeling about something and adding ‘-making’ to the end of it. Happy-making is still a phrase I use today. Mr Westerfeld, thank you for your work. I need both dark and light in my life and this was a really cool blend of it. As well as the fact that sometimes the light side wasn’t all that pure and the dark wasn’t always all that pure either. None are without sin.