Growing up to die

Jesus says to have child-like faith. Paul said to put away childish things.

Who is right? Most people see this and of course they would go with whatever God says but many people still believe in their heart of hearts in the Paul way .

One thing God has taught me is that I don’t have to choose one or the other in this life for so many things. So why choose to follow Paul versus Jesus?

In this life we are trained to stop being silly, artists can’t survive, Happily Ever After doesn’t exist, nor true love and so many other things. We are told “THIS IS REALITY!”

I want to set us all free.

Why not take both?

If God almighty says it’s possible, because it is all one word coming from the mouth of God, why not expand our mind, hearts and souls?

The truth is as kids we believe in the improbable and as adults we learn the true width of what improbability looks like. The childish thing seems more to be to not take these possibilities of failure into account at all. The child-like thing is to look at the improbable and the probable and do what you want to do anyway.

I’m not saying that we all become artists: I enjoy art but I still LOVE accounting. I’m not saying we should all get married: Happily Ever After and true love do not have to be romance alone. Many of the characters in our fairytales are just happy they survived the adventures of the their life (Red Riding Hood) and some are single parents and truly love their children(forgot the name).

The point is that we do not have to grow up and become shells of our former selves. It is so hard to grind through a life you hate so why not grind through a life you love instead? Haha