Off Facebook for good I think….

These past two months I have given up on Facebook except 2 days out of the month. This past Friday I went on and saw what I have been seeing but with different headlines. However it is summed like this:

“I have a problem, and no one cares or is doing anything about it.”

When I see someone has posted a cute video about dancing kids, I see this is really them upset that their minority isn’t given enough attention, and is put down so they are trying to show more of it.

When I see someone post about a girl committing suicide after a tweet that’s them crying out for help, I see that the person who posted is really calling out themselves for a help.

SOOOO many people who are simply saying I am in pain and no one cares or is doing anything about it…I got tired after a few minutes. Instead of sharing life, my friends have made a platform for their pain and all its branches. It is less about enjoying each other and more about showing that they are hurting more than someone else.

I am not Captain America or Superman…I am me and….I only have these two hands as Avicii and Aloe Blacc once said in ‘Wake me up’.

I know on this site where I have been pouring out my heart and problems that it sounds hypocritical to be calling out my Facebook friends for showing off their pain.

My friends are in pain and many of them are Christians and it is this that I think of them as …Ananais and Sapphira. They claim to believe in God, but …they are still stuck in the old ways of the world. They don’t call out to God as their hope and salvation. If Ananais and Sapphira really wanted to keep the money they had gotten from selling a property, they could have. Instead they hid it from God and acted like it was nothing.

This is what we seem to all be doing we are hiding things from God and act like it’s nothing.

We personally seem to get mad that we talk to everyone but God and get mad that nothing is changing. I include myself because I can see myself doing the same things. I had to call myself out this past week as I found the reason I wasn’t hearing from God was because I hadn’t been talking to HIM! I had been hiding my pain from him and myself and didn’t know why anything was getting done. However, when I did talk to him my whole being went from depressed to joyous. I had energy to burn, I found answers to other questions and I was ready to do more.

Why don’t we treat God, like God, when it is important?

Why don’t we treat him like he is ‘real people’ when we need him to be?

He can be God when we want to yell at him for the world being so bad, but he’s ‘real people’ and unable to do anything when something needs doing? This is messed up.

The God I know cares that I am crushing on a guy who treats me like I don’t exist and also cares when I bring up having to walk down the street thinking a guy might rape me. He really takes a second when I ask him what shoes I wear, telling me the rain boots are better than the sandals today but he also takes a second when I ask him how to talk to my friend about her committing suicide. If people don’t see this God than I wonder why they are following or IF they are following him at all. I don’t want a God who doesn’t care about the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement any more than I want him to ignore the ‘All Lives Matter’ movement. I want him to care about cops dying, blacks dying, sex slaves, politics, hate, racism and I want him to now only have a way to heal my pain but steps on how to heal my community be that the city, nation or world. If he isn’t that God…than is heaven to be with this God forever such a great idea?

I know there is more to be said and maybe one day I will get there but right now I just want to curl up with a cup of coco, a book and snuggle up with the God who cares what happens in the next chapter. This journey matters, not the end, and I’m not planning on walking it without some great love in my life, and not just at the end when there is no life left in me.