Fuuka review

FuukaI have really been enjoying this manga, I hear it is also an anime if anyone cares and because it has a music angle, I highly suggest checking it out…whenever it comes out. I may later.

I found this online and tonally binged it while I had a cold. It’s by Kouji Seo and is a really encouraging look at the music industry. It gets very ecchi later on, so warning ahead of time.

Here is a warning as well, read till about chapter 35 and then stop. Get some tea or whatever. Then pick up the story as if it is it’s own new story.

I accidently did this, call it intuition or whatever, but it gave me a lot of comfort when I read chapter 36 and 37.

I hate to use spoilers, but this is a tearjerker story and I wouldn’t ship anyone in particular since this also is a ‘harem’ genre. It’s so annoying half the time I just want to yell at the book ‘Just pick someone or tell everyone to go away!’ I am really not a fan of guys in stories who really can’t see that a girl likes him. I don’t like the egotistical guys who think EVERY girl likes them either, but still. Also the girls are pretty violent in here. When a girl shows interest in the main character, they hit him! Who does that?

I also suggest that when they get to the music part, throw on some tunes, it vastly adds to the fun. I used: (Caution some do curse or are not for people under 16)

  1. Papa Roach:Face everything and rise
  2. Pop Evil: Beautiful
  3. Fall Out Boy: My Songs know what you did in the dark
  4. Fall Out Boy: I write sins not tragedies
  5. Awolnation:Sail

You really want to get some heavy rock, headbangers. The more soulful ones don’t seem to cut it. The ones that made me drop my head and throw my hear around, really scratch the itch.

OKAY! The plot itself is about a young guy who meets this ‘manic pixie dream girl’ type and she pulls him out of his shell while he kind of uncages her from what she thought she ‘had to do/be’. Later she forces him and three other people to start a band and the story is about how they build up their band, change it and regrow it for what the moment dictates.

One of the things I love about the story is the characters always stay true to what thy believe. They may end up doing EXACTLY what someone else suggest but they wait until they personally are ready to do so and not just based on what some is telling them is best for their band.

This story is very uplifting but it also shows off a concept of finding what you love and sticking to it, finding new ways to get over hurdles and really enjoying yourself instead of forcing a situation. I have always wanted to find something that I enjoy that is also fun. I don’t mind doing something hard as long as it is fun.

Again, I warn you, read up to 36 and then stop for a bit, it will vastly help in the long run. Also, they haven’t made these into books in the US, yet, but I saw amazon.com has it for kindle if you use that? Happy reading, whatever happens. 🙂