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Today, I won’t be cooking at home but, instead going to a friend’s house. I am honored and also a bit humbled to have someone invite me into their home. This is a thank you over how I have blessed them but what they don’t know, because I haven’t said…they are my blessing.

They are older than me and we do not really share life experiences, but we share pain and confusion and all kinds of things that are basic emotions. I don’t help people easily because of how much pain I have endured as I am told to sit down and shut up or that I was wrong or how I am not supposed to talk to adults like I am an adult. (I was over 18 at the time that last one was said.) This friend of mine listened with open arms and wept with me and heard God’s heart instead of her own pain and shame that just wanted to cut me off.

I have been so encouraged to have people around me who are like me and not just spinning alone in outer space that I am so humbled and relieved to have another person I can call friend and family in Christ. We may not have the same past but we connect in ways that I haven’t been able to with others. It is hard that it is our pain that connects us but I am glad that it doesn’t end there but with God binding us in healing and his love.

I want so much more of this, I’m excited for the days when I will be stronger for more.