Bye Casey Neistat vlog

My favorite youtuber is stopping his daily vlog.

He has been doing it for over a year and he did it for the express purpose of getting his creative juices flowing, having the challenge a daily thing provides and a few more things that can be heard in the video.

It’s a bit why I started my own blog. I wanted the challenge, I wanted to have a daily connection to life but I also wanted to get ‘better’ at writing. In my terms this meant actually writing. It is so easy for me to be overcome by writing, I get this feeling of not being good enough or really that it is a waste of space. In a way it has been me thinking that I, personally, am a waste of space, and I don’t need to think this way any more.

It is sad that he is stopping but it also brings to mind this concept that I will get to the end of this year, with time to spare, maybe.

I’m not working uber hard on this, but I am putting in myself which is a challenge for me all on it’s own. I need low stress on this because I am putting things that are so hard to talk about in real life. I am glad to have space where I can talk about the things that are important to me in this way ‘I can contribute a verse.”