Rick and Morty: just don’t

I usually post reviews about things that I enjoy and want to share with the world. There are so many things out there but finding a new favorite can be tough, so I post things hoping someone can find a new favorite. Also to remember the awesomeness.

HOWEVER, today is not that day. Today is a warning.

This is a half hour-ish show from Adult Swim that also has a comic. I got it thinking it was just another cartoon that I hadn’t seen. It had science fiction, time travel, and all sorts of things according to pinterest, so SURE!

So I got the comic by mistake from the library (thought I was getting the videos) but man am I glad for the mistake. I later pulled up a video on youtube, just so I could see a little larger of range, that was a good move as I got to see how messed up it really is.

It is like watching Family Guy with way more science fiction. I haven’t watched much Family Guy because I just couldn’t get past the treatment of the daughter but I know it is bad.

This show probably has lots of layers and depth but getting past all the sex, violence, innuendo, abrasive cursing and disregard for humanity, life and really anything else…I am willing to put up with most of this stuff but this show is over the top I can’t even let it fall into the background. What is in the background is just as bad.

I am at a loss for how insane this is. Those limits of humanity that we talk about? This show just fell off the edge of that limit and is still falling. The sci-fi part of it is in no way redeeming for the amount of sheer ugh that is in it. I would say more but I’m just done with it. If you choose to read/watch it, that’s up to you but after I watched it I was uncomfortable for days, inside and out.

Also I’m pretty sure for a good portion of it I had my eyes closed because it was just so violent. Ick. Like watching ‘300’ again. *body shakes in disgust*