Lip sync battle

In the theme of last week, something difficult to talk about, for me, on Wednesday, something funny on Thursday.

I love the dubbing videos that have popped up with celebrities, this is just one of my top 5.

  1. Clark Gregg vs Haley Atwell.
    -This started as a fun battle on an app between them and their crew and landed them on TV. They raised a lot of money because of it for charity. HOWEVER, ‘Toxic’ had me in tears.
  2. Emma Stone vs Jimmy Fallon.
    -Emma rapping at the end is the best EVER, also my first(?) lip sync battle.
  3. The Rock vs Jimmy Fallon.
    -I just…there’s no need for me to explain why this is awesome right?
    See above
  4. Melissa McCarthy vs Jimmy Fallon
    -She truly is a favorite of mine and Jimmy does okay but the last song, had me gasping for breath.
  5. Channing Tatum vs Jenna Dewan-Tatum.
    -Having this guy who is known for raw and manly sexy dress as a woman, his wife pretending to be him from his movie-turning HIM red and then the surprise guest? SOO Good.