I am so excited for this month.

I love November, not only the name and the fact that it is 30 days which just seems so perfect. The fact that this month is:

  1. The start of the holiday season and everyone is just a lot nicer.
  2. The food is more to my liking: sweet potato pie, gumbo and tamales!
  3. There are 4 VERY cool movies I’ve been waiting to see coming out.
  4. It is more likely to rain which is my favorite.
  5. I am simply anticipating this month.

You know the feeling right before a holiday where you get gifts? The times before there can be this excitement welling up in you that is like your soul shouting inside of you “I’m so excited for what is about to happen!!”

It may just be socks or it could be that trip you’ve been hoping for or maybe it’s a thing that is just that person saying they know you and here’s a gift that shows that off. For some people this doesn’t happen much, and the holiday season isn’t that great. For them, I get it. Life sucks when people just aren’t what you need but are still there like a pie that could be wonderful but it now covered in some awful sauce that is not worth eating….or coconut. Ew.

I will say this: the holidays are special because I make them so; I create my own holiday magic. This is my life and I want to enjoy it. A friend once gave me great advice when I got to the age where parents, friends or anybody isn’t really in the mood to celebrate your birthday, “Celebrate yourself, make your own party.”

I guess that is why I am so ready to begin this month. This is the one time of the year I can blast my tunes and smile at strangers and for the most part people are just a lot more accepting of antics.

So this me stating that I am really excited to continue this month and see what the end of the calendar year holds for me and my people. I hope it’s awesome but honestly, it’s my savior’s birthday in a month, it already is.