Are you a Sherlock or a Watson?

So I took the PBS and Buzzfeed quizzes of Sherlock characters:

It was a bit difficult taking the pbs one simply because I knew that some of the questions were for certain characters. I thought for a second I would get Irene Adler, but still I answered ad honestly as I could.

Of course I’m a Sherlock in both cases.

Many people when I have brought up similar thoughts have said that I’m being proud and boastful. ‘Of course you’re the main character!’

But am I?

We all think in the shows like Sherlock, Doctor who and Lord of the Rings that we all know who the main character is. Yet The person who is ‘writing’ the stories is Watson, the view of the Doctor comes from his companions and…well, the real point is the ring but all we talk about is the ones who are around it. 😉

The world really wants to be a Watson for the most part. the people who get taken on a great adventure and go home. I want that. I wanted that.

I so wanted to be the person who is normal but has greatness inside of them that just needs the right person to help them explore that and then I will be better at what I do in the ‘real world’.

A friend recently said that I really wasn’t normal and no one lived like me. They were being kind but I just wanted to drop my head into my hands and sigh. Sherlocks need puzzles and when they get bored they make massive mistakes or problems for others. They shoot the walls for no reason. When I get bored? In the past I have done what any self-respecting Sherlock would do, self-medicate. My habits just tended toward books and TV as opposed to cocaine. I devoured my library and still do. The fact that I no longer wish o read in the same way shows me that I either:

  1. Don’t need it as much as I am no longer as bored.
  2. Or I have a massive problem coming my way.

I don’t want to be the one who can, at the drop of a hat, suddenly tell people how to handle the demon that’s bothering them and then pull it out. I don’t want to be the women they always call to heal someone, or pray for someone, or be someone’s mentor, or any of the things that is actually normal to Christianity but that very few people do in actuality. Everyone says this is how we are supposed to live but when asked when is the last time they have it is like listening to an adult man talk about the game winning shot he got in high school.

I sit in church and when asked “when is the last time that you–“, I usually look at a friend and then look suggestively down at my invisible watch and laugh. I’m the person who is constantly talking to God because he is the one who keeps me sane, healthy and from hurting someone accidently or on purpose. Lately, I can count the days in between encounters with friends when they needed a word from God and we just drop down some Spirit like it’s hot. The moments when I don’t know all the answers when we are at a group meeting are getting further and further a part. I’m stuck keeping my mouth shut as everyone learns so that I don’t sound like Sherlock calling someone an idiot for not knowing something foundational. I don’t think they are but it can come across as if I am. I know because I have been talked to about this on more than one occasion.

I gotta go so I may just come back to this when I have time to go deeper.