This is one of my favorite sites,  on the planet.

This guy has cartoons that he has made that include quotes from some of the more influential people that have changed the way we look at life.

He brings to life things that can be just words.

I TRULY dislike quotes. I don’t really understand the people who know all the presidents have said or can quote Gandhi like he is in the room. I didn’t understand why this was so important in school to know. Not because I didn’t think what they had to say was important but because it was SO important. What they said shouldn’t just be useless minutia, it should be something that bangs around in hour heads forming new processes, flows through our hearts to the rest of our bodies, giving new life that keeps us going through the day. Let it be words that meet me at just the right moment and help me to fly like pixie dust from the past.

I don’t really have a favorite, I often go back and look at all of them and just let them permeate into me. Having pictures to these words gives new life to them.

I have found lately that I don’t enjoy reading in the same context as I’m used to. It has caused some disconnect inside of myself. However cartoons, manga, they all stand out to me still as something worthy to give my soul. My time is precious and spending 2 days reading isn’t what I want any more. A manga is like a snack that can be ingested quickly but packs a punch and stays with you longer.

Life can be boring, listless; the usual and comforting; vibrant and pulling. In this I find that I add ingredients into my life that act like a great kitchen. I have all the tools I need or can borrow from a friend, but with this kitchen I keep a variety of ingredients and spices. Sometimes I like calm and boring as the sun rises, other times comforting and warm as it rains outside. Lately I have found quite a bit of challenging recipes come my way but I always have my head chef showing me how to work with the dish.

Adding more than just the usual is how I like to make my ‘soul kitchen’, but also including the usual gives comfort as well.