You need a kick in the butt…why?

Resident Evil is one of the FEW horror films I can watch however, watching a family member play the 6th one made me wonder about his need for torture in is life. This game enjoys just ripping a part players…I say this metaphorically and literally. It was nasty.

There is a setting called ‘No hope’. For those who don’t play games it means that there are ways to make the game harder but still play the same game. In this setting it means that if you die you come back for a second but your health isn’t 100%. Again, non-players, imagine you get beat and are unconscious and then you come back for a second still beat and someone tells you to stand up and keep fighting.

Yeah, no.

I watched him die in the space of 5 minutes, 5 times. It got funnier and funnier for me until he threatened to make me play and not just watch.

This question came up for me though, years later, if I want to be kicked in the butt, why not just play a video game?

This may not work for some but I am instantly more A LOT OF THINGS when I read, listen to, watch or play something. I need to be hard and gritty? I throw on some rap or metal. I need to be sweet and hippie-love-like? give me a great romance novel for an hour and I’m all yours. Want me in warrior mode? I just need 20 minutes with Mass Effect on a fighting scene and I’m raring for a good fight.

Yet, most people think that in order to ‘get someone off their butt’, is to kick them in said butt until they get off of it.


Maybe that works for the alphas of the world but I’m not the alpha type. Women don’t have that kind of hierarchy but still I’m not one. I’m more likely to sit longer the harder you push, have since I was a kid. Once I got into Elementary and they were talking about saying no to peer pressure, it made it even worse. I’m an adult and when my friends try to convince me to do something I don’t want to do I have to mentally stop and think what I actually want because my first thought is to say no even harder.

People are not made to be kicked all the time.

People are kicked all the time in their normal lives by the randomest things. Between the boss that calls them the wrong name, having a great life and suddenly ending up poor, broken and cast out, growing up as a prostitute …people don’t need to be kicked anymore. They have small things and huge things already kicking them all the time.

My ways are small and they are not the only ways but looking for other ways to get people up and going seems like a better pursuit than simply doing the same thing over and over and having it work only a few people and not for an extended period of time.