Ever seen this series?

It’s a few movies and a TV show about a girl who takes up surfing in the 50s in a male dominated culture. Where girls were meant to only be bikini clad, soaking the sun, make-out partners, Gidget stood out as being the girl that hung tough with the boys.

Girl+ midget= Gidget.

Sandra Dee played her best in my opinion, however, the iconic character is actually her paramour interest, Moondoggy. He is played by the same actor for most of the movies, James Darren, and is the one who teaches her to surf, along with a gang of other guys.

Gidget is the typical good girl next door but the difference is that she wants to enjoy things the normal girls don’t care about. She’s not really considered sexy but she has her charm. Tomboy would be the way she’s best described.

As a whole I have seen it too much to enjoy it anymore, but still I like her. She was different in the age when women were beginning to see that they didn’t want to just be whatever a man wanted her to be. She wanted to explore her own interests and enjoy the guy. ‘Hidden Figures’ is another movie coming out soon about the 50’s and women who are looking to be more. ‘Good Girls Revolt’ is a show that has the same themes.

This past week a group of us studied Mary and Martha.

We looked at not only the tension between the two of them but also the pull of culture to be something that God doesn’t want and then try to justify it with scripture or cultural religion.

I didn’t really comment at the time about how this affects me on a personal scale because at the time I felt I had spoken too much already and I didn’t know if it was a place I wanted to speak. There is a time to be acknowledged and a time to have a dialogue and at the time I wanted a back and forth and not simply…an ‘awww, that sucks.’

I think about the big things we don’t talk about like how I have learned defensive positions not because of the zombie apocalypse but because I am afraid a man might try to rape or kill me because I didn’t give him what he wanted. We don’t talk about the medium issues of having to wear certain clothes in church because we may tempt a man, women are expected to simply not have these feelings at all. The issues of dating within the church as a male or a female, who I am told to change into in order to better serve my husband but rarely talking about how a man is to love his wife except on mother’s day. (I caveat this with the fact that we just talked about this at church on Sunday and it was actually very good in my opinion but it isn’t the norm compared to how much it has been pushed for young women versus men.) There is so much we don’t talk about on a large scale level that why would I want to talk about it on a smaller group level? I wanted to ask, ‘what is the point?’ but I knew my group is actively looking for ways to improve each other’s lives.

As a woman there are so many things that are, in all sizes, not the ‘kingdom of God’ way. Just as there are all kinds of things that are just not right in the world from the big of murder to the small of annoying traffic. I find that though I do not want these in my life there are parts of me that grow bitter as time goes by because the world is not quite right compared to the world I wish I had.

I’m not Gidget. I’m a woman who is often considered pictured like Gidget, but that doesn’t make me her any more than my ability to bake makes me Betty Crocker.

Yet her ideals of living the life she wants and fighting through all the adversity so she can do what she wants? I get that.

I have always loved God and fought for the relationship I knew I could have with him. Yet, there was always someone in my life who said it wasn’t possible. They wanted a balance in my life of religion, drudgery and ore that was simply not okay with me. So like Ender Wiggin, I took that egg of life and hid it away and travelled through time and space until I found a safe place for this life to be planted.

As this relationship with God grows and I find greater and greater satisfaction in him I find him gently leading me to windows to look out at the world, doors to rooms that have been locked for a long time.

Seeing my own mind though is what I am looking for now. What is my surfboard moment?