Ultimate Otaku Teacher

Denpa cover.jpgOtaku: a young person who is obsessed with [—-] or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills.

So this is the oxford dictionary answer to what an otaku is. Most people would say that the obsession can be so many things so that is why I left it blank. This manga posits that an otaku is anyone who truly enjoys something. Got a person who enjoys soccer and it is all they do and talk about? Otaku. Person who loves make-up, buys a lot of it and is all they talk about? Otaku.

This story, written by Takeshi Azuma, is about an anime otaku who has an abusive sister who forces him to go to work as a teacher. He was once heralded in the science world for trying to build the impossible but left after a so-called failure. Added he suffers from AWD or YD (depending on the translation):

“Only lets him do what he yearns to do.”

This particular story is a lot like ‘Assassination Classroom’ and is quite wonderful and ecchi if that bothers you, also cursing. This doesn’t bother me however I am aware that many people find both offensive. I also find this odd considering how much a person sees in a day that is offensive and I have simply built a thick skin for.

The main character, Kagami finds that he is able to take people with lowered potential and bring them out of their shell with a mix of his skills and YD. The only reason he helps these kids is because they are in some way related to his animes. He later goes to a different school and the chairman is able to twist him either by moving an interesting student into his path or simply bribing him with something. He makes up names for everyone so honestly I have no idea who anyone’s name is. I like that he calls the chairwoman ‘options’ and they are probably my ship. 🙂

What is most intriguing about this story for me is

  1. His YD.
  2. His ability to change the world around him
  3. His ability to enjoy life and forcing others through strategy to do the same.

This third is truly what I want to do in the future the problem is that I am not the best at actually going through with my strategies and having them come to a conclusion. Sure, I can run a social experiment on someone that can spit out data but to help better their lives through strategy?

It is really my ultimate desire. Accomplishing it would require…

  1. A team of like minded individuals with a mix of abilities.
  2. A central location.
  3. More defined learning for me.
  4. The ability to pass this information on as well as an assessment to say if a person should be doing it.
  5. Extras I haven’t thought of or just don’t want to say.

Sounds like ‘Scorpion’ doesn’t it?