Millennial versus the world..?

One parent this week got a new phone and the other got a new blog.

This makes for a rough week for this Millennial.

They have the same thing in common, low training and low frustration levels. One will ask me how to do something but then doesn’t want to wait for the answer and begins to complain about how the things don’t work. The other gets super agitated at things that are not a problem but is seen as a problem but then because of the hyper feelings, I am unable to help because now I am getting hyper and agitated. With one I walk step by step through and the other I just come back later.

Seriously….why do people talk so badly about Millennials but then ask for help later and expect you to be nice about. I have never understood why Generation Y things we are spoiled brats and the baby boomers look down at us. Most of the time it is the baby boomers who are the mean ones who look down on just about everyone and Generation Y who thinks the world revolves around them and get mad at those who disagree and want a little bit of the world for themselves.

I’ve been thinking about this Alessia Cara video:

This isn’t really who I am, not fully, but there are pieces of me in it. ‘Not crying once the face is made’, ‘she fades away, she don’t see her perfect’, ‘I can go a little while longer’…

Recently I told a friend that I don’t really think of myself as pretty, I’m ok…but beautiful isn’t really me. I know other people see me that way but…either way, when I said this, she gave me this look. It wasn’t that she thought I was stupid but what I said was so unbelievable to her.

I can do all kinds of things, I can build a website, sing, make friends, play video games, sew, cook, balance the books, teach, mentor, I can help most anyone with anything and if I can’t I know someone who can so it counts…thing is because of others opinions of me…I changed my thinking. I think all the Millenials have. We wanted to be the best kid to our parents (the boomers) and older siblings (Gen Y) but we were mocked for who we became in a world we didn’t create.

We were called proud because we knew how to do word excel and internalized it instead of seeing people who were jealous, bitter and hurt over their own inabilities. We were called spoiled because we grew up in a world that was easier even though it was these people who fought to get this world for us, but now to their mind it was too easy.

I don’t think I am a lot of things, I have a lot of things but I am so used to not keeping things, having things, loving things, BEING things because I knew at some point it would hurt someone I loved. I didn’t pay attention to all the ways that I was being hurt but I am noticing now. I am even noticing how much bitterness has accrued because of it. It has dictated my own way of living in a way that is messing up my new path.

That’s not okay….I’m becoming them.