I went to DISNEYLAND!!! And by I went to Disneyland I mean…

what the heck just happened?

I went to Disneyland to celebrate an anniversary with some friends. The whole day was this utter holding of my breath. I was so excited to go and do that I forgot really that I was there to have fun and one of the people I was with kinda threw me off my happy rhythm. I wanted to go buck haywire and they wanted to stroll through. When it comes to friends my first thought is to establish a rhythm for us so that we can all be happy but I wanted the day to be more about me then I first thought….so that thought went out the window. This made it really awkward for the other friend who had to kinda choose who to be with. That wan’t fair of me.

I had to talk to God after because man, that was flipping Disneyland!! I think it is my top favorite place on earth and I’ve been to the land of OZ!!

After talking to him it got down to this, this summer cut off a lot of the relationships I had. Especially me with him and it messed me up. Instead of this fun team out enjoying he world, we became this doctor and patient or teacher and student. We weren’t friends any more and we hadn’t been for some time.

Celebrating without your best friend? Not the easiest thing to do.

I was pushing so hard to have fun that because I hadn’t been having fun for a long time. I hadn’t been happy in even longer, and Disneyland is always my happy place; I have the best memories from there. I just wanted to celebrate a good day.

This coming week is a friends birthday and I am AGAIN going to Disneyland.

Funny how soon an opportunity came to try again. This time, I will have my best friend and I’m going to make new rules for the new Amy to enjoy going to her happy place. Not sure what those are yet, but I have faith. 🙂