Tamasha PosterThis is the movie that made my summer. Tara and Ved are two people who meet on holiday and through circumstances decide that they will:

1. Travel together and have fun, nameless.

2. They will not have sex.

3. They will be themselves the whole time.

UGH! the premise was soo good but honestly I thought he would turn into a psycho, the way the premise was written, you know, yar? I was REALLY expecting ‘Karthik Calling Karthik’ another good Bollywood but is super twisted, if you like a good thriller. This was more about being who you really are even if that person is messed up or clever or terrific. The point was to break out of the imposed ‘normal’ shell.

This really got me thinking. The reason I started a new year is partly based on this movie, influenced, at the very least. The movie as a movie was thrilling and fantastic with a good enough soft edge to make it the best ride. Thing is, it REALLY got to me. I think about who I am in public and sure, this is who I needed at the time of growing up to fit inside of the rules.

I’m an adult now, though. I, PERSONALLY, make the rules of my life. There are people who live ‘off the grid’, there are people who engage in ‘thruples’ (Seriously I just love the word more than anything else), there are people who eat ‘hufu’ to slate their hunger (wiki that one, I refuse to explain), there are all kinds of ways that people just CHOOSE to live. If it’s because they are crazy, having fun or whatever reason, they chose it. No matter the consequences, they choose it.

I based my movements on rules that were meant for people not like me. When other people guess that ‘the butler’ did it, they can be 50/50 on being right. When I ‘guess’ ‘the butler’ did it, I’m closer 90/10 of being right because that is how my brain works as an INFJ. It isn’t boasting it is how I work and if I don’t take those strengths into mind then I lose in the long wrong.


I found this great blog posting about what it means to be an INFJ and reading it made me feel better because it was simply who I am. It also made me feel odd that someone knew such things that I couldn’t verbalize ever.

I’m still learning about who I am and how to walk in those shoes but the thing is, today I just had this epiphany about doing things according to my own rules instead of the rules I have been given. I’m not sure where this will take me but I’m hoping it will get me away from the depressed, broken and bitter woman I have been for so long.