Notorious try out and male courtesans

Notorious PosterI wanted to see what a few of the new shows were like and this was one of them. It kind of reminds me of an ABC version of ‘The Newsroom’. A lot more sex and intrigue and only one hard hitting issue. The Newsroom of course dealt with quite a few all at one time. Spoilers ahead, fair warning.

I got interested in part because of the concept but mostly Piper Perabo from Covert Affairs; woman knows how to strut in some pumps. However, it isn’t just that…She is able to be cutting edge and also raw without making me want to roll my eyes. Sure I like Scandal as much as the next person but sometimes Olivia Pope makes me think, “I can’t tell if you are stupid or just naïve.” Whatever the thing, when I find an actor who is able to make me believe in what they are doing even when it is implausible or just dumb, I stick with them.

Her assistant, Megan Byrd, played by Sepideh Moafi?? I may end up watching just for her alone. She pops out of nowhere with the fact that she used to be an escort. I love the assistant who is so good at their job they are their bosses arms, but this character is that and has her own story. I want to know all about her! It’s like watching Billie Piper in the ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’: The next chapter.

There is this part in the pilot (just go to if you haven’t seen it) where the male main character, Jake Gregorian, meets with a clients wife who he used to love. Truly he should have left when she invited him to have a drink, no really he should have called her but he is the one who told the family to turn off their phones. Of course they have sex, because this is ABC but there is this look he gives her when she tries to kiss him. It is this desperate moment where he looks at her as if he is asking her to please don’t. Of course he wants her, who really lets go of all the love they have for someone? This look though is begging her, to please let him go. In his moment of weakness he is begging her not to hurt him and pull him back into this place.

I have always wanted to give this look to someone; this look of begging them not to pull me into the sweet oblivion of disaster.  I AM A STORYTELLER! And more then a bit of a romantic, so experiencing all kinds of things is epic to me.

No go though. I am the saint to everyone except the devils. I have met officially 3 of those. They are sweetly tantalizing but they can be too easy for me. I LOVE the chase. One guy I know was so perfect at this, if we had been around each other longer I may have had this moment with him. He wasn’t a devil type though, he wasn’t so boring and just lusty. Just lusty doesn’t get me into bed. I am a woman, I have three areas that must be fulfilled: body, mind and soul. (Spirit is automatic, if you are icky in spirit, we may not even talk.)  This means that sex for me is a full person experience. This is why I have higher standards.

When a guy is looking at only my body, truly all I can see is how basic he is. When a guy is just looking at my marriage potential because I’m one of the few Christian women he knows, again, BORING. When I’m having a great conversation with a guy and that’s it, I think it is a waste.

Ever seen ‘Firefly’? Older show, one season, great Steampunk stuff. It has this courtesan character that is my favorite. She brings up this idea that her job is not simply having sex, it is about catering to the full person she is dealing with. The needs that go beyond simply physical. Nowadays, this is called ‘the girlfriend experience’. In the past this was what being a  mistress, courtesan, or geisha, depending on the time or country, were about. It was about engaging the senses and coming out better. Not talking about how righteous it was, I’m talking about how someone took a normal concept of sex and turned into art. Turned the normal male and female relationship into something romantic and often deep. Turned the meeting of the minds into a dance, a duel and moments to remember.

It is easy for me to have conversations with most anyone that engages them to their core, I am considered pretty so that is of course not a problem either (in this case at least), I also have cultivated a list of things that can engage just about anyone. Gaming, SOME sports, politics, science, what do you want to talk about? It is easy to be on someone’s level…but to have someone on my level? To engage me? To get me so involved that no matter if it’s a sin, no matter if family disagrees I would willingly fall into this deep oblivion of our new love?

I have yet to meet the man.

Men aren’t really taught how to be the mister, the courtesan, the geisha. Especially if they are Christians they are so pushed away from any kind of sex or pleasure that when they do meet a girl they normal give and take of flirtation is lost. They are taught about work, how to get paid by the office. They are not really taught how to ‘get paid’ by the women in their lives.

Women are taught how to be the mistress, the seductress, the prostitute even. Even if you are a Christian there is a certain amount of giving to ‘your man’ that you are taught.

Yet it is not given back.

I am good enough to be a non-Christians hook-up, a Christians good housewife and sometimes even a non-Christian…but I don’t want those things.

I want to be my husbands courtesan. While his guys are talking crap about their wives I want him to slowly sip his drink with a smirk and maybe even come home early.

I want my husband to be MY courtesan. While my girls talk smack about their husbands, I want to look out the window and cover my smile with my fries, trying to block out the sweet oblivion that awaits me at home.

Either way, I’m probably coming back to the show out of curiosity but it is ABC so I won’t be staying very long, too much sex with too long drawn out of a plot. 🙂