4th on 52 and purge

So I have FINALLY reached my 4th week of my 42 challenge and it took longer simply because I was freaking out over the 2nd week. I didn’t simply answer the 2nd week like I would normally. With the Holy Spirit asking deep questions and my own heart up and willing I found myself delving into places that I usually avoid.

The third week was no different but I was happy that it was a faster process. Now that I’m on the 4th week I find myself reflecting on the 2nd and third weeks. The fourth week is about the body and because I’m a bit behind I’m combining it with another week that is also about the physical. My year, my plan. Adding sleep to my diet is way important. Not that I enjoy it really but that’s just based on old data that has nothing to do with how I am loving myself right now.

With this I began to also look at my room. I found that one effective way to handle my room is to simply put away clothes in one spot. They end up all over the room so its like a floor of clothes and leaves an itchy feeling all week until I suddenly do a mass cleaning that leaves me tired. I truly dislike putting clothing up and have a bad habit of just naturally stepping out of my clothes when I get home and either leaving them in that spot or in some heap nearby where it isn’t supposed to go.

I often hear about women who complain about the men in their lives and I usually think, ‘wow, I think I’m the guy in this equation.’ I really am hoping for a certain kind of life partner….like a guy who likes putting away clothes. 🙂 Too much?

While I was sorting I began to look at my unfinished projects. It took me a bit but I had an epiphany.

I have so many unfinished things and some are out in the open because I am so happy to look at them all day and everyday. I want to remind myself that I will always have this to go to.
Yet there is another pile. It is a pile of things in a corner that is hidden by a chair. I literally can’t see it at any point in my day. That’s when I began to think. I am keeping these things, just in case. These are things given by friends or family members, they are crafts that I couldn’t quite get to work, leftovers from crafts that went great.

These are leftovers, like having leftovers in the fridge, but just like leftovers, there is either:

  1. Like you didn’t actually like it or it made you sick.
  2. There was simply too much and after awhile your taste buds are tired of eating the same thing.
  3. OR they simply went bad.

However, because they are nonperishable I keep them. I don’t see that this 2 inch piece of fabric may have a use but not for me, so why not toss it? This pretty dress is great but not for me, so why not give it?

So another purge has happened. Within this week I plan to take a few things to good will and hope that some one else will be able to find a good use for it.

I want to keep things in my life and house that are pleasing to me. If they help me to grow, laugh, love more or better, shake me, whatever, this is what I need. If I am keeping it out of guilt that will sooo not help my growth and health.