Writing for me

I have 4 stories that are currently still in my head. They are full length stories too. However I have only just started to think of writing as less of a journal, self help thing and more like a hobby-career kind of thing lately. I enjoy the concept of sitting with my characters, getting to know them, letting their story play out and writing it down in a way that is palatable to read. In the same way that I am a foodie who can really “plate” well, so I also want to have stories that are “plated” well. 

From this I have seen silliness, to be kind, from my friend ‘s and family. They expect these stories to be written done NOW. They want to see me flourish and have a career and begin the journey to fame and fortune. They want to see me get published asap. Get your foot in the door at least. Have I thought about intering in Boston? The questions go on and on and the idea of enjoying what I do without thinking about the money? Thats the way to waste my time…to them.

Writing i’s important to me. I would do it without pay for the sheer joy of having these stories, my stories wrapped in someone else’s cloth, play out in my head and then out onto paper. I think highly of them because they are my personal story mixed with the hearaches, pains, strugales, loves and beauty of my life and my loved ones. 

I want someone to know these stories because of this. I want to write them for me though and that will take time. It took me long enough just to think it all out, now creating it will require recipes and tastings and experimenting. Doing it so many times that I am left with only my kind of perfection that is also great for the rest of the world at the end of the day. I don’t need it to be Gordon Ramsey, but I do want it to be Ariel. 🙂