Say no, get blessed

I have this movie I have wanted to see since I saw the trailers and it just so happened to come out on my half birthday. I was very excited and, so I planned to make that day special. I would see the movie and really celebrate.

Then work asked me if I could schedule coming in that day. It was totally voluntary but they hadn’t really asked me before like this so it felt like a betrayal if I said no in their time of need.

I feel a duty towards them, also I do enjoy my work there.

I told them I would pray about it. The man who asked understood and I told him to give me a day. I was so tired the moment he was asking because of a longer shift that I couldn’t even make it to the car without resting on a bench 20 feet away. Who wants to even THINK about praying at that time?

Once I was awake the next day I really began to debate with God. Though, truly, it was just me debating with me and him letting me talk it out. 🙂 Saying no to work? How awful and yet I had promised myself this day. No matter what, I told myself at the time. Would I go back because of my pride in my work and training that was put in by people who weren’t keeping who I am in mind? Asking God at the end of all this debating I got essentially “Will you stick with your old way or step into your new way?”

So I texted him no. I apologized and said that I got a no from God.

His answer shocked me.

He thanked me.

He thanked me for being an example by following the leading of the Holy Spirit and no need for an apology.

How many times have I hidden my love for God, my sensitivity to his leading and guidance, even been outright ridiculed and questioned over ‘supposed words from God’….and now this person tells me thank you. Now I am told that who I am and what I do is good.

To say that I am thrown for a loop would be an understatement. It is easier to say that I am living in a new world and am seeing the way of its people. My hopes and beliefs of what people can be were shown bright in that one text message.

I’ve looked for this kind of assurance for most of my life.