What life am I creating?

I woke up happy today.


I woke up happy, my cold was mostly gone, no neck pain or stomach pain or discomfort. I woke up like I was my normal self. I didn’t even know what to do with myself.

Of course because I was feeling ‘normal’ physically, my ‘normal’ programming kicked in. I needed to clean, exercise, do work that has backed up. My soul…it just deflated but bolstered on the fact that this is how life is and how it has to be as an adult. If it wasn’t for this writing, God  and my 52 week plan, I might have fallen into that same hole. Instead….I climbed out.

I went outside and watched new Youtube videos, I hugged my loved one, I went for a walk. I did things to feed my soul. I’m not really sure if this is working. I do feel kind of unbalanced. Not exactly bored but not exactly fulfilled either.

More like I’m an artist staring at an empty page with all the tools I could need but no clue what my heart is calling to be put on the paper.

I guess this is going to be my next week anyway. The 2nd week of the 52 includes a mission statement and I glanced at the questions and boy it freaked me out. I haven’t really asked myself these questions expecting real time answers so my soul feels tender.

What will I become? What life am I creating?