OMG, watching this Kdrama called W and it is fantastic. A few years ago there was a story about a character in a story that falls for the reader of the book. Sadly I can’t remember the title but thankfully I have this new drama. I love this style of writing and think there should be more of it. Fun and light hearted in a few places and dark and mysterious in a few other places.

Image result for W k dramaThis story is centered on a young resident who’s dad is a webtoonist. He created the W series  who has this hot CEO batman type who is trying to find out who killed his parents. Things turn strange when the doc is pulled into the story. More and more comes out and we find that her dad is actively trying to kill the young CEO, in a him or me kind of feeling. Dad really needs to get some therapy help to deal with this AND his alcohol problem cuz the CEO has no real plans to hurt the dad. Still haven’t figured that part out. I am currently on #8 so I won’t spoil anything but this is a show to watch. I watch on viki.com cuz it’s easiest for me but it will probably show on tv after awhile.

Personally I am rooting for the main characters but I also want the two secretaries to get together. However, I am putting no bets on anyone since in stories where there are two universes like this, there is often only one couple that ends up happy. Everyone else just kinda goes on there merry way. Hoping for a better ending then that however.